Further Blueflint Reviews

Further Reviews for Blueflint:

Scotland on Sunday Review “…beautiful ballads of love and revenge with fantastic harmonies……what’s not to love?”

The Daily Record – Rick Fulton “A female banjo bluegrass duo you just have to hear. Deborah Arnott and Claire-Louise Neilson are sublime as they sing ballads of love and loss…….not since the film Deliverance has a banjo grabbed your attention. Mixing Americana with the melancholy of Scottish folk this is a band I’d like to see on the BBC’s Hogmanay show…….Blueflint deserve your attention.”

The List “Blueflint play haunting bluegrass shot through with a yearning sadness and soothing harmonies. Influenced by old-time Americana they have added a full backing band that play with them from time to time giving their music even more depth.”

The Edinburgh Evening News – Martin Lenon “Drawing mostly from their own material, Deborah Arnott and Clare-Louise Neilson played what could very loosely be described as bluegrass-derived songs, but they weren’t afraid to play around with the genre, exceptional harmonising. Their version of the old Elvis classic That’s All Right breathed new life into a tired old warhorse.”

North Devon Journal “sweet-toned banjo.”